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"The Day I Died"

  G. Gordon Allen Copyright © 1993- 2015

Welcome. It's been 22 years since Gordon Allen had his first cognitive Near Death Experience (NDE). As a young child he had already experienced an NDE which did change his outlook on life but being young he was not prepared for it's true meaning.

Click on image to see the BBC Documentary, "The Day I Died"

Then as an adult he suffered a heart congestive failure which had him take the journey once more. This time he become fully aware of what was transpiring. He had died and returned to life! His returned to life with a profound change that affected his life and that of everyone that has come in contact with him since then. He died and lived to tell about it! He experienced heaven and affirms that it is real. This brought about a new perspective on life and that coupled with his former experience as a successful business man made Gordon the best to deliver the great news that GOD loves us all and that their is a heaven that is waiting for our return. Gordon continued to have several more NDE experiences (read below), each time returning with new revelations and reaffirmations that his mission is not yet complete.

During his first NDE (1993), deeply spiritual teachings were revealed to him. These revelations made Gordon change his life radically. From a wealthy and powerful businessman, he turned into a humble counselor and minister at the service of his fellow human beings. Now today after his other successive NDEs his mission continues through his works. He is the founder of Completion Ministries, a spiritual portal for all.

Rev. G. Gordon Allen: ‘My mission in life is sharing the love of God with others and offering them a haven of peace. The wonderful news is that in order to experience the profound love of God, there is no need to have an NDE first.

Once again we welcome you to our pages and urge you not to be shy to ask us any questions you wish.

We are glad you found us, may God richly bless you!

Rev. G. Gordon Allen

Completion Ministries Video Library

  Completion Ministries presents a series of Miracle Truths videos. Dr. Rev. G. Gordon Allen presents further details of the Near Death Experience and of the many miracles he has witnessed. Click on the images below to see Gordon's brief video presentations.  Two random videos will show up each time you return, or enter the Completion Video Library to see more video themes, click here --> Video Library to see more videos.

Completion Ministries Book Library
Where was God during the Crufixion?

Dr. Rev. G. Gordon Allen
presents a series of mini booklets
that cover many  themes on spirituality, life, and death.  

We invite you to read and contemplate these themes.     

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find out more:

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Where was God during the crucifixion Spiritual Diet


More Unique Near Death Experiences

This interactive website is meant to give information about NDE's; tell Gordon Allen’s story; provide you with a place to ask questions; and offer counseling and support.  We urge you not to be shy and to ask us any questions you wish. Would you like to read more of the spiritual events, lessons learned and the surprising revelations given to Gordon Allen? Contact Us or give Rev Allen a call at (206) 527-1500. The following articles are a recount of some of the experiences and lessons that Dr Rev Allen brought with him to share with us all.

Cured from a Radical Craniotomy

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Fall 1993

"The spirits had promised this to him and that was the way it was. His heart on fire with the love of God and the achievement of this promise"

In the early fall of the 1993, as h...


Bothersome Kidney Tumor Cured

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Summer 1995

About a year and a half after recovering from his brain tumor NDE, during a simple in hospital day surgery, to remove a bothersome tumor from over his right kidney he died twice ...


Heart Pace Condition

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Summer 1998

In 1998 Gordon's former cardiologist placed him on a very high dose of medication, which was to chemically keep the heart in rhythm. Gordon reacted poorly to it but he was kept on it desp...


The Day I Died

Reverend G. Gordon Allen March 17-24 2005

"Challenges and joy with love abounding"

In the first days of March 2005 Gordon was feeling poorly and went to his general internist. This was the 10th of March. The doctor said he was in ...


Thyroid Cancer Miracle Cure

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Summer 2005

Shortly after his 2005 NDE Gordon experienced a miracle.  Gordon was having a regular day.  He felt healthy and was recovering from his recent NDE.  One day as he was helping run a...


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