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Why would a person who has had an NDE qualify for being a counselor? That fact alone of course does not. However Gordon Allen after his NDE knew he was going to change his life. In order to become a qualified counselor he took up the study in order to become one. He now is certified by the state of Washington. In addition to his different
university degrees and trainings, Gordon’s life as a single parent of three, civic leader, combined with his remarkable experience as a businessman in international Corporate America, qualifies him for the wonderful task of assisting you through every aspect of your life challenges successfully. These skills and talents, when combined with dynamic Spiritual presence, assure you of success in changing your life and bringing about the joy and happiness you so richly deserve and which is available to you, right now.

 A 45 Day spiritual counseling program

Gordon Allen offers a 45 day counseling program that will once and for all alter your life. Make that commitment to yourself right now to finally know what winning in life really feels like; spiritually, professionally and personally. 45 days from your start, you will be able to look back with amazement at a process that eradicated old beliefs from your system, turning you into a confident, joyful, easy going, person in love with life itself.

Simply contact G.Gordon Allen and set up your confidential appointment with him. That first interview will start you on your path to real change, real goodness and real fulfillment in your life. Phone 1-206-527-4500

What will you achieve during those 45 days?

  • You begin where you are now and move rapidly through positive, achievable goals
  • You do not have to read one more book nor attend one more seminar, instead you set your goals and will be guided towards them
  • You will gain insights on your patterns and beliefs
  • You will be able to make changes giving your life a new direction
  • You will become confident and gain self esteem. And you will discover it's ok to be you and you'll fall in love with the new you!  

We can achieve all this either on an individual or small group basis. Pick your choice, some prefer group counseling and some prefer the one on one.

Corporate and business groups are invited to arrange to have Gordon Allen & his Associates work with them, improving the organization’s profits through positive changes in your internal corporate culture. These changes relate to how we deal with each other, bringing greater co-operation and efficiency to the work place. These changes not only increase the profitability but also make the work place a desirable and pleasant area in which to work.

Gordon Allen recognizes that the place where people spend the majority of their time is often the place where they would least like to be. Yet this does not have to be the case. We can actually change that! You can have it both ways: a job where you go to earn money to pay your rent or mortgage ánd a place where you enjoy working and spending time.

Gordon works with you on a totally confidential basis in order to identify your actual situation, your path towards it, and the direction you want to take from now on. Then you and he design a plan, which specifies your short and long-range goals for your life. Once the goals set, you’ll be guided and coached on the path to achieve them, closely following your own designed plan. If necessary some alterations to it can be made as time and circumstances dictate.

Principle points include:

  • Setting goals and plans for true success.
  • Becoming focused to receive your success.
  • Instructions and guidance in spiritual principles for your success here and now.
  • Identifying and releasing negative patterns and fears which unrealistically control you.
  • Total confidentially guaranteed.
  • A relationship is established over time as we have great emotional investment in your success.
  • We bring your desires for a good life and a quality of work to reality for you and/or your organization.
  • Remember that with us your false starts and mistakes do not condemn you, nor are you held in disrespect for them. The only one that never fails is the one that never tries…
  • A high quality of life is available for you right here and now; this counseling program is the key to the door for the rest of that good life.

Take that key and call Gordon Allen today. Do not let your old fears and low self worth stand in the way of your imminent success. You can succeed, and you most certainly will if you let us teach you and help you implement and blend spiritual values into your life. Remember: we see you today as you can be tomorrow, let us help you becoming the best you can be. If today you have pain in your life, if you feel alone in a crowd, if depression and the feeling of being somehow unworthy keep creeping into your mind, making you feel useless and pointless most of the time, do contact Gordon Allen. He understands and empathizes with you and he will help you remove these feelings from your life. All we need is a commitment from you to play your part.

Your gain: a successful, self confident, purposeful; fulfilling life, not just existing.

Enter into a relationship with us, based upon mutual respect. We understand where you are coming from and we help you on the path to where you want to go.

Remember you don’t have to choose. You can have it all: both a life of personal and professional success and a life of fulfilling Spiritual success. TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE

Also available : Hypnotherapy, Health Guidance.

Fees are flexible

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