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We've been blessed with having many of our supporters making financial contributions, however our operations continue to grown and expand worldwide. The funding that we receive through these donations is what we need to continue to support all worldwide support activities. Join us and make your monetary donation count. This funding allows us to continue to grow our ministry to meet the needs of an ever greater audience worldwide.

General Donations

Please help we need the following items: Overstock and over-runs of manufactured goods Inventory overstock items of all descriptions Canned and preserved food items for food banks Clothing of all types Footwear of all types Household goods of all types in good condition boxed or crated Manufacturing items Building items Education supplies Current computer software Current computer hardware Call us with your offerings for generous tax deductions for your good

Service Donations

We at the ministry are professionals all working for the betterment of our sisters and brothers. We are looking for special talent and skills that can help our effort. Make a real difference with us in your life today! Spend some time in person or virtually over the net helping us in the production of services and operations, which in the end help our needy brothers and sisters worldwide. If you sense the need to be of service to others and to be a part of something, which is larger then yourself, this is the place where all of that comes together. Tell us a little of yourself and your skill sets and we we are sure to put them to use. You will get a tremendous sense that at last your doing something of transcendent value and the satisfaction in knowing that there are persons whom you may not know who have directly benefited from your actions. The gift we give of ourselves, freely without ego or profit motivation in love, Is by far the greatest gift any of us have to give. Please share a little or a lot of yourself with us.

Donations of Real Estate

Every year there are thousands of donations of real estate to non-profit entities. Churches and ministries are at the top of the list of those who receive those donations. We are seeking donations of all types of real estate: Under used churches Old schools Warehouses Private homes of all categories Farmlands, ranches of all sizes and types in all locations of the world. Commercial properties of all types. Warehouse type buildings Old strip malls Commercial buildings and their real-estate With our expertise in the world of finance we can sculpt a donation transaction, which will be of benefit for you over time. Properties donated are to be used for the benefit of many persons over several years. Memorialize your self and family with a real donation of this type which has transcendent qualities to it. In many cases we can structure the donation so you may still have conditional use of the property, particularly recreational property. Stop paying property taxes and make your donation start today.

Vehicle Donations

Auto/Truck/RV/Boat/Plane Donations Please donate your vehicle to our ministry where it is used to help others. In doing so you give real help to others and to yourself with a great tax deduction through our 501-c-3 ministries. Contact us and we will make all of the needed arrangements and handle all of the paperwork to facilitate your donation. We will accept under normal conditions your donation and have it picked up. If you are donating a boat or airplane we want it. Commercial vehicles in running condition are needed now. Yes, we will also accept taxis. Mobile Home Donation DONATE your mobile home (1979 or newer) or automobile to charity for a tax donation. We also sell mobile homes. Completion Ministries is a 501(C)3 charity. Donate your mobile or manufactured home today. Please donate your mobile home to our ministry today. We have needs for the housing of low-income persons and those less fortunate than others. Your donation of a mobile home may make a difference in someone's life today. You make the donation and we take care of the paperwork. We will work with you to make the transaction as clean and simple as possible. Many have made this donation; we know how it is done for your own best interest. To make the donation simply phone us at 1-206-527-4500 today. We will take care of the rest. Thank you.

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