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Welcome. It's been 27 years since Gordon Allen had his first cognitive Near Death Experience (NDE). As a young child he had already experienced an NDE which did change his outlook on life but being young he was not prepared for it's true meaning.

Then as an adult he suffered a heart congestive failure which had him take the journey once more. This time he become fully aware of what was transpiring. He had died and returned to life! His returned to life with a profound change that affected his life and that of everyone that has come in contact with him since then. He died and lived to tell about it! He experienced heaven and affirms that it is real. This brought about a new perspective on life and that coupled with his former experience as a successful business man made Gordon the best to deliver the great news that GOD loves us all and that their is a heaven that is waiting for our return. Gordon continued to have several more NDE experiences (read below), each time returning with new revelations and reaffirmations that his mission is not yet complete.

During his first NDE (1993), deeply spiritual teachings were revealed to him. These revelations made Gordon change his life radically. From a wealthy and powerful businessman, he turned into a humble counselor and minister at the service of his fellow human beings. Now today after his other successive NDEs his mission continues through his works. He is the founder of Completion Ministries, a spiritual portal for all.

Rev. G. Gordon Allen: ‘My mission in life is sharing the love of God with others and offering them a haven of peace. The wonderful news is that in order to experience the profound love of God, there is no need to have an NDE first.

Once again we welcome you to our pages and urge you not to be shy to ask us any questions you wish.

We are glad you found us, may God richly bless you!

Rev. G. Gordon Allen

About Us

We are sincere Christians with strong beliefs of both spiritual and social responsibility to be expressed for the overall betterment of individuals everywhere and society as a whole.

Completion Ministries was founded by Rev Dr. G. Gordon Allen in 1994. The ministry received its full non-profit and tax-deductible charitable foundation Certification as a qualified 501-c-3 in that same time period. In the fall of 1999 the ministry was registered as a religious organization with the UK charities commission, which also qualifies it under the European commissions for operations everywhere within the E.U.

We strive to provide full and detailed answers to both specific inquiries and general questions you may have. If our statements are not clear and transparent for some reason, it is not through any intent or motive to conceal any aspect of the Lord's spiritual work in these revealed ministries. We strive to provide as much as information as possible through this webpage.   If you need further information please contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link or call us at: 1-206-527-4500

You are totally loved and accepted

in the truth of the conditions
of your real life right now!

Completion Video Library

Completion Ministries presents a series of Miracle Truths videos. Dr. Rev. G. Gordon Allen presents further details of the Near Death Experience and of the many miracles he has witnessed. He provides the basic message of who we really are and how we can attain that state to life a healthier, abundant, and happier life.  Click on any of the images below to see Gordon's brief video presentations. If you have questions or comments please let us know.


Prayer is the means to get in direct contact with God and with the Christ energies.

We pray in order to connect with God. God is the creator who is always there for us, waiting for us to address him, always ready to listen to us and to guide us. God can symbolically be seen as our spiritual Father who will support us whenever we turn to Him. Even if we are down and out feeling lonely thinking we have no one to turn to, God will always be there for us. Reverend Gordon Allen has written out some possible prayers that you may want to try out and use for your convenience. Feel free to elaborate and alter those prayers to your personal circumstances and modify them in such a way as for you to feel good about it. Click on any of the following image titles. 


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In this section we have many miraculous experiences and a brief presentation on Dr Gordon's background.  Place your mouse over the image below and click on the arrows to the right or left to scroll through for more articles. Stay tuned and keep checking this section for continuous updates.

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Gordon's Aura

On September 1995, after a speech about his Near Death Experience, Gordon Allen was invited to have a picture taken with an energy field camera. This camera is known to...

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Logo Meaning

Copyright © 1999-2015 G. Gordon Allen Ministries. All rights reserved.  Completion Ministries Logo by Rev. G. Gordon Allen Starting from the outer most branches left to right into the heart of...

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Life After Death

At the beginning of 2005 Rev Gordon Allen was contacted by a Brit named Robert Dentith who had seen the BBC documentary and was just embarking on his own spiritual...

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The Mission

  After his physical death, Rev Allen never returned to his former profession. Instead he took up the spiritual mantle and decided to make the best use of the empowerment given...

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10 Years in the Desert

A Radical Life Switch after the NDE The major life change Gordon went through was after his 1993 NDE. Until then he had a very successful life but by no means...

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What exactly is an NDE?

A Near Death Experience, commonly abbreviated as NDE, is also referred to as an out of body experience. According to Pim Van Lommel, the distinguished Dutch cardiologist, who has spent...

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BBC documentary

In 2003, Gordon Allen was contacted by the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, to feature in a documentary entitled ‘The Day I Died’. The makers of the documentary wanted to...

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Gordon Allen before his NDE

For many years Rev Gordon Allen was a successful businessman and private investment banker founding his own firm that expanded from its United States head office to the UK and...

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Thyroid Free of Cancer

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Summer 2005 Shortly after his 2005 NDE Gordon experienced a miracle.  Gordon was having a regular day.  He felt healthy and was recovering from his recent NDE. ...

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Out of Body for Six Days

Reverend G. Gordon Allen March 17-24 2005 "Challenges and joy with love abounding" In the first days of March 2005 Gordon was feeling poorly and went to his general internist. This...

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Heart Pace Condition

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Summer 1998 In 1998 Gordon's former cardiologist placed him on a very high dose of medication, which was to chemically keep the heart in rhythm. Gordon reacted...

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Bothersome Kidney Tumor

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Summer 1995 About a year and a half after recovering from his brain tumor NDE, during a simple in hospital day surgery, to remove a bothersome tumor...

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Brain Tumor

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Fall 1993 "The spirits had promised this to him and that was the way it was. His heart on fire with the love of God and the...

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Spiritual Based Joint Venture

Gordon Gekko - This is not a solicitation. It is presented for information and the expression of interest from qualified parties worldwide.


Gordon Allen & Associates Venture with Completion Ministries, Syndicates International and Christian Finance International are announcing the formation of a series of limited partnerships and joint venture opportunities for investors and real estate developers worldwide.  This consortium of partners has been working with architects at a leading university while drawing on its own experiences over the past 25 years of real world low income and estate, council, and charity housing.

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Life is always a challenge. In all phases of life the individual is continually learning to understand and adapt.  No matter if you where born into a life of wealth or if you are in the poorest environment, life eventually brings difficult questions and challenges.  Whether conscious or unconscious of it, the questions manifest one way or another in one's life.   Dr. Rev. Gordon’s life as a single parent of three, civic leader, combined with his remarkable experience as a businessman in international Corporate America, qualifies him for the wonderful task of assisting you through every aspect of your life challenges successfully. These skills and talents, when combined with dynamic Spiritual presence, assure you of success in changing your life and bringing about the joy and happiness you so richly deserve and which is available to you, right now.  This when combined with his dynamic Spiritual presence, assures you of success in changing your life and bringing in the goodness you so richly deserve and which is waiting for you, right now. So go ahead, fill out the contact form below and setup an appointment with Dr Gordon.

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