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Make Your Donation Today!  Be a part of our effort and help provide worldwide support and benefit for our brothers and sisters worldwide.  We are looking for funding, personal experience, skills, services, and/or items that someone else can utilize to further their development in their life.  In doing so you are directly helping your sisters and brothers in community through our actions and programs.

 Special Notice: Donation Managers are needed to manage donations. Become a donations manager for the ministry in your area. We are looking for donation managers in several areas now! Contact us if you feel you can help expand our territory in North America and the World.  To get started call us at  or send an email to

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Spiritual Based Joint Venture

Gordon Gekko - This is not a solicitation. It is presented for information and the expression of interest from qualified parties worldwide.


Gordon Allen & Associates Venture with Completion Ministries, Syndicates International and Christian Finance International are announcing the formation of a series of limited partnerships and joint venture opportunities for investors and real estate developers worldwide.  This consortium of partners has been working with architects at a leading university while drawing on its own experiences over the past 24 years of real world low income and estate, council, and charity housing.

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