Personal Daily Prayer with Commentary

Personal Prayer with Commentary of Rev G. Gordon Allen 07 17 06
“The “Holy Spirit” is really for the most part the writer I am only the pen.”

This original writing includes my personal commentary on the text for greater understanding for more persons. [In the background but not directly stated is our lady “Mary”.]

The following is an original. Copywriter Rev G. Gordon Allen /Completion ministries 2006-07

I invite you to join with me in prayer (Both in your own prayer and as a joint intercessor.) to Jesus the Christ and my heavenly father God.
Commentary:(In this I am also asking the spirit to come and join with me in my prayer. Adding to the prayer. A relationship with the spirit in prayer contributes to your spiritual focus of your prayer state. Prayer is not simply the saying of words but rather a true altered state entered into with your indwelling inner “true sprit” “higher self” coming forward communicating spiritually with the Heavenly spirit of God. This is achieved through your true intent. This "true intent” is achieved by surrendering your “self” or "Ego” and approaching God from the soul in your immutable love for him, which is at the same level as his is for you. He is “simply here" with you as he always has been and will be in all cases and events prior to your material life, now life and after life. You are simply turning towards him in your “true self” once more.)

Dear Father God I sincerely repent my Sins, all sins known and unknown private and public, even those sins, which are secret including those that are so secret they are hidden even from myself, including the sin of murder or self- murder. Praise you father. Thank you for your immutable Love, which I know, is here with me at every level of my being.
Commentary:(In this I am asking for forgiveness of Sins, it is the cleaning and cleansing of your eternal spirit indwelling. The simple asking to be forgiven of sins often needs expansion to include those actions and thoughts, which are less obvious, even hidden from us privately on the conscious level, still need cleansing.)

Father bless myself with such bounty, as you will bestow.
Commentary:(God is always blessing us as we can truly accept from him as we have the needs and are indeed to be used of him. These blessings that he has for us often come through others, who hearts are open to be reached by the father and used of him in a way or manor to deliver the blessings from God to us. We in turn with or heart open to be used in the freely given charity of ourselves, for and with the father, are instruments of God, being used to give blessings to others on behalf of God, as an answer or part of a answer of prayer of others .)

Father God I ask for your blessings in enlarging my areas of influence on your behalf in all of the ways you and I exist, in all dimensions and universes where we are, in all of the ways we are, and the true conditions I am truly in with you.
Commentary:(This not only asks for the father to accept and use me however, to insure use in all of the possible ways we have been shown in the "light" as ways we can in fact do, exist with Love in all of its definitions expressed as a freely given charity of ourselves to others universally, without motive or thought of reward. “Used of God” for his purposes with others.)

Father tell all of my sisters and brothers in all of these ways and places I am with you, that I unconditionally give them my immutable love and acceptance, just as they are in their true circumstances and truth.
Commentary:(This is an all inclusive statement of the heart for even those whom I have not met other then that they are my equal sisters and brothers in the family of God, loved by God immutably and universally.)

Tell them Father that I forgive them of any and all sins and transgressions they may have done towards me in any place or time, including that of Murder.
Commentary:(This is the honest “total” forgiveness’ of all persons known and unknown who in any context have brought harm to my person, including death.)

Lord God I ask that you be with me in all of my days and ways and in this day, carry me as the weight at times is for me too great.
Commentary:(This indeed is requesting the Devine help with the tasks of the normal daily mundane life.)

Father keep me from all evil and evil from me in all of its forms in all of its forms, be that from others, attachments in unknown ways or supranational, keeping me vigilant against evils acts of “deflection”.
Commentary:(I am addressing with Father God the range of possible carriers and approaches to us in our carnal body and or deflecting of ourselves from Father God thereby allowing evil into our presence. That which not only deflects us from our love of God but makes us available to used in ways by the darkness.)

Lord God you have given me the gift of free will, a will that chooses between good and evil, love and hate, joy and pain, a life which has you Father at the center of it, as I chose to do, or another less desirable one. As in my free will I have chosen you, a choice, which is forever in all time to come immutable in and of it’s self.
Commentary:(It is this gift of absolute free will from God that validates both Heaven and Hell. If I did not have free will to choose goodness over evil then there can be no sense of loss of heaven or justification of eternal punishments.)

I exercise this free will as I choose you immutably and all the ways you chose to use me.
Commentary:(I give myself to you Father God of and in my own "free will" for all of all time yet to come.)

In that free will, I demand that all Evil in all of its forms leave me and mine in every way we are.
I exercise this free will as given me by you as I am yours father in all the possible ways I am. There is no room for darkness, no room for evil no matter the source.

Dear Father I pray I will not bring pain or harm to another this day. I pray they will not bring any to me.


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