Spiritual Based Joint Venture

This is not a solicitation. It is presented for information and the expression of interest from qualified parties worldwide.

Gordon Allen & Associates Venture with Completion Ministries, Syndicates International and Christian Finance International are announcing the formation of a series of limited partnerships and joint venture opportunities for investors and real estate developers worldwide.

This consortium of partners has been working with architects at a leading university while drawing on its own experiences over the past ten years of real world low income and estate, council, and charity housing.

This combined experience along with Gordon Allen's past heavy 30-year international real estate financial expertise has created truly moving social and economic investment opportunities.

Your investments not only create shelter but also home ownership for those on the lowest level of the economic scale.

Secretaries, waitpersons, common clerks maintenance persons among others are being offered new desirable living units they can actually purchase and afford to own as they scale the economic ladders ever upward with their job, good credit and home ownership now in their reach.

The critical aspect of every person sharing in the general economy with something to lose if it goes wrong, both strengthen society while making individuals stronger persons in their own right.

Three ways to invest:

First, invest into a construction finance pool or syndicate. These provide the original capital to start the construction and take it to the level where permanent financing is put infinancial markets place. This syndicate is designed to yield 6.5 % to the investor with a roll over feature between 12 and 16 months from the origination of the investment.

At liquidation of the syndicate. Investors have a roll over option to take only part of their investment or none and simply roll it over into the new syndicate. This option has certain taxation benefits. This feature is attractive in that the investor can if they chose cash out without penalties at that point.

Second, invest into a mortgage finance pool and syndicate: These combine many investors' assets into a mortgage-backed financial1syndicate, which has a projected 72 months before liquidation.

This finances syndicate needs to support the mortgages of the lower income first time buyers. The yield on these syndicates will be around 5.5% with a consumer paying an additional 1.25% for servicing fees.

Investments in the first time mortgages are all 100% back by actual real estate deeds of trust and the further guarantee of the syndicates to fully re-market any default before costs rise on the handling of the default.

These first time mortgages are all 30-year amortizations with a strong clause calling for the owner to refinance or sell the unit on or before the first 60 months.

Third is to invest into one of several limited partnerships For the development of both low income employed persons and government subsidized living units worldwide. In this investment concept the properties are varied into the four categories we present, the investment is therefor diversified Gordon On Hotel


There is an investment opportunity to invest in syndicates designed to finance all or part of the operations and development of joint ventures for the acquisition of land and the actual general contracting for the construction of these various programs worldwide.

Joint venture programs are for the partnering as a joint venture with established construction organisations worldwide.

We invite organizations worldwide who have proven commercial development backgrounds to contact us directly to discuss the possibility of them becoming a joint venture partner with us in their region.

  • Family Center
  • Mediation Residences
  • Completion Trinity Towers

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